San Sebastian is one of the most gorgeous cities in Spain. It has multiple beaches, two of which are considered the most beautiful in Europe, Playa de la Concha and Playa de Gros. It has good surf, great areas for walking as well as plenty of museums, art galleries, shops and so much more. It also has a fantastic culinary scene, with multiple Michelin star restaurants and countless highly awarded chefs and cafes throughout the streets you truly will be impressed with what San Sebastian has to offer as far as food and entertainment. Along with its gorgeous architecture and bustling streets you will quickly fall in love with the unique and delectable must see European city. If you are thinking of planning a trip to San Sebastian we highly recommend it!  With so much to offer it makes it the ideal spot for all types of travellers. You may be wondering, however, which area of the city is the best to stay in?

The Parte Vieja is a fascinating area of the city, with its interesting old buildings, museums and charming local restaurants it is a great area to stay. If you are more interested in the history of the city, and site seeing then this is the perfect are for you to stay. The hotels here will be smaller and quainter, but still full of charm. The Legazpi Doce is a great choice, you are close to the old town as well as well as great restaurants and cafes. Their service is first class, you will not be disappointed.

If you are more of the adventurous type and want accommodations near the beach, then a hotel near Playa de la Concha is the ideal place for you. Here you will find great places to walk, as well as endless water activities for you to participate in. Not only that but you will be alongside some of the greatest seafood restaurants in the entire city. The tide here is almost always low, meaning there is always plenty of space to settle down for the day. The water is very safe to swim in as well, as compared to Playa de Gros where it is slightly more dangerous to swim. However, if surfing is more your cup of tea, then most definitely check out Playa de Gros as they are known for having great surf.

Regardless of which area you stay in, you will find that the San Sebastian is easy to navigate and an overall friendly city to visit. Your taste buds will be delighted with the endless food options, your eyes will be pleased with the gorgeous scenery and architecture and your adventurous side will be satisfied with the surf and water activities that this city has to offer. It really has something for everyone and regardless of what your tastes are, there is an area of the city that is just right for you. So, take your time and find the perfect hotel that will suit your needs and enjoy your stay in San Sebastian.