Northern Spain is known as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Europe. It has an amazing landscape filled with forests, mountain trails and luxurious beaches. The rich history of the region has left many treasures in this region. Every city has its own cuisine and traditions and this region is sometimes a surprise even for the Spanish people. We have selected some of the most beautiful and popular places to visit in Northern Spain. Picos de Europa National park is the best choice for hikers. It has an amazing landscape dotted with mountain peaks and lakes. Snow is possible all year round so be careful what you choose to wear. This national park is abundant in forests and wild fauna. For the non-hikers there is cable car that provides breath-taking views.

Rioja Wine Region is the host of more than 500 wineries. This place provides a unique experience thanks to the activities available. You can explore the wineries on a horse’s back or at the wheel of a terrain car. Besides tasting from these amazing wines, you also have the opportunity to learn how to make your own. The tradition of wine-making is more than 1000 years old in this region, so you will definitely learn from the best.

Oviedo is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Spain. It hosts some of the most amazing religious monuments and it is a stop point on the Pilgrims Road to Santiago. It has churches from the eighth century like the Cathedral of San Salvador and Basilica of San Julian de los Prados. Bilbao is the place to go for the modern art fans. The former industrial city reinvented itself and it is now one of the hotspots of European art. It is home for the Guggenheim museum and many 14th century buildings.

Pamplona is another interesting city in Northern Spain. For six days in July it is the host of the annual San Fermin festival. Fearless souls race with bulls and try to outrun them on the streets of this city. The popularity of this festival gathers tourists from all over the world. Santiago de Compostela is the capital city of Galicia and the final destination of Camino de Santiago. It has a very important religious meaning because many believe that Saint James is buried in this city. One of the most beautiful buildings is Santiago Cathedral, located in the main square.

San Sebastian is one of the hot points of Spain. It hosts the oldest Jazz festival in Europe and has traditional 19th century architecture. Another attraction in this city is La Concha, one of the best urban beaches in the world. The city is vibrant, suitable for those who want to party. The city is the host of many other music festivals throughout the year. Northern Spain offers an amazing range of places to visit. Modern and traditional combine with each other in this breath-taking region. It has to offer something for every taste, age or budget.