Spain is known as one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It has been a top destination for a very long time thanks to its rich culture and extraordinary traditions. In order to better experience the Spanish culture, we have selected a number of dishes that you will definitely want to taste on your trip. Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque country await you with one of the most interesting and diverse cuisines in the world.

Mariscada is one of the best dishes in Asturias. It is composed of lobster, crab, mussels and many more. It is the best way to try different types of meat at the same time. Platters are usually very generous so come with your stomach prepared. Bogavante is another traditional Asturias dish. It is basically a grilled lobster with hardly any seasoning. The freshness of the dish guarantees that you will not need any seasoning with it.

Navajas is an Asturian dish than can be found in many other coastal regions in Spain. It is composed of freshly grilled Razor clams splashed with a bit of lemon juice. They can also be served with a bit of parsley. It is the perfect dish for a lazy afternoon. Sardinas should be on your “to-eat list”. They can be found basically everywhere in Northern Spain, but they also sell out very fast. If you want to experience the traditional cuisine even more, you can go and buy Sardinas from the food stands scattered around town. You can serve them with a splash of lemon juice. Galicia is known as the best place to go if you want to eat shellfish. Being located near the coast the variety of shellfish will leave your mouth watering. The region is also known to produce some of the best wines in Spain such as Albarino Ribeiro Designation. If you love shellfish and wine, Galicia is the place to go.

Cantabria will delight you with a vast variety of beef dishes. If you want to go even further when it comes to tasting local dished, you can order a Mountain Casserole. It is a dish found in Calabria and it consists of various game meats such as boar and venison. The Basque Country is the perfect destination if you want variety. The cuisine is extremely vast and consists of cheese, meat, fish, sweet treats and many more. It has something to offer for every budget and taste.

If you are interested in cooking your own fish meal, take into consideration that fishermen usually don’t work on Sundays and the Monday fish may not be the freshest. It is better to go to the fish market on any of the other days of the week in order to be sure that you get the freshest products. Northern Spain has an extremely rich cuisine suitable for every taste and pocket and should be on every gourmands visit list. Indulge yourself with a plate of fresh mussels and a glass of local wine and enjoy your Spanish trip.