Common foods

San Sebastian is well known for its fine cuisine and good eats. It has a great reputation for fine dining and cheap eats, both of them being just as good as each other, serving fresh ingredients and fine quality foods, regardless of your budget. It is internationally known for its impeccable food, primarily in thanks to the 16 Michelin star restaurants that are located in the city. They are not to missed, be sure to plan ahead and make a reservation to make sure you are able to get a table for your desired time and day. Traditional Basque food is very varied, a lot of the fine cuisine is based on the fresh food found in the local gardens, farms and of course the fresh sea food all that is so close to home. They typically base their menus on the seasonal food availability, meaning they use top quality food at peak ripeness not imported foods trying to be something they are not. The quality of the food and produce in the Basque region has won them certificates and awards for its great quality and high standards, adding to the many reasons why they are so well known for great food.

In the summer time the most common foods are fresh tuna, sardines, peppers, tomatoes and green beans. As well as other available fruits and veggies. While these may seem like common foods, the way the chefs masterfully prepare them truly makes them a delight for the taste buds. In the Autumn time the cuisine shifts to more cold cuts and sausages, root vegetables and beans, a heartier meal to prepare you for the cooler weather. And then in the winter months there is the heartiest of foods with black beans, cabbage and black pudding. And of course, meat dishes are always popular. As well as delicious local cheeses with rich honey and salty nuts, a great combination to go along with a glass of fine wine.

Another San Sebastian traditional food is pintxos, they are very well known for these! These are typically served on a slice of bread and can range from a simple anchovy to a culinary surprise of delicious flavours and combinations. They are not to be missed when you take a culinary tour through San Sebastian. A lot of these will be served with sea food as this is a stable in the Basque diet and locally sourced meaning it is fresh and delicious each and every time.

Speaking of fish, so many of the traditional San Sebastian dishes are based around fresh sea food delicacies. From baked spider crab, hake cheeks in green sauce or clams and baby squid. There is an endless supply of fresh seafood, something for each type of foodie out there.

San Sebastian is an absolutely lovely city to visit, it is full of great architecture, rich culture and as you now know delicious foods. If you are able to take a trip to the Basque Country, do not miss out on the culinary delights San Sebastian has to offer.