Are you planning a holiday trip to Spain? Come on board as we take you through some of the best destinations you need to check out. You must not be in Ibiza or Barcelona for you to have a nice time in Spain, in this informative collection we would to take you through some of the best spots for you to choose a location.


This is another seaside resort you need to check out if you are planning a trip to Spain. Calonge is an old town on top of the hills close to the Costa Brava. This location boasts of an exquisite architectural masterpiece like the Sant Marti church and the Medieval Castle. You will find shops and cafes that are business for tourists here. The town is close to a nice beach with a strong wind for daredevil suffers. If you love adventure, and then you can check out the hidden coves and hiking trails on the cliffs.

San Sebastian

This is another seaside location in the Basque region of Spain. San Sebastian is located close to the Biscay Bay. This spot is one of the best resort cities in Spain and even the entire Europe. The location is popular for the number of interesting water sports tourists. From water skiing to kayaking and surfing, the warm blue water is a lot of fun.

You would also get to enjoy one of the best dishes you would find in Spain, the Pintxos. This meal is a local delicacy prepared with seafood, meats and fresh vegetable. The meal originates from this location, so you would be eating from the original source.

Costa Brava

If you are looking for a destination close to a coastline, then the Costa Brava is the best choice for you. This location has one of the most amazing coastline that is sandwiched between the mountainous terrains that surround it. The sands here are soft and cozy with clear blue sea water and it is perfect for a nice swim anytime. You can also go hiking on the numerous trails that surround the mountainous terrains. Costa Brava is also very close to Barcelona City, if you are planning to visit it is ideal to do both.


If you love to surf, there are fantastic beaches in this location just for you. Asturias is filled with so many amazing mountains that provide a picturesque view. You can also explore these mountains through the hiking trails and sneak around the cliffs. The beaches are warm and the water is emerald clear, just a nice place to lazy around. You can also tour the area and visit all the surrounding small towns. You can meet the locals and check out their tasty collections of spicy seafood while you are here.


This Island is never free from tourists all around the year. This place is very popular and ranks amongst the most desired Islands in Spain. Tourists visit here in their numbers to enjoy the buzzing nightlife and the sea.


This is another popular Island in Spain. The Island is close to the Mediterranean Sea. This advantage is utilized by water sports lovers who want to dare the wind and go further into the sea. The Island boasts of over 100 beaches, there are plenty of places to have fun here.