Spanish culture is one of the most liberal cultures in the world. A lot of people assume they know more about Spain, but there are things you can’t figure out until you visit the country. If you are planning a trip to Spain for the first time, here are a few things you need to know about the Spanish culture before you make that trip.

Unofficial Meetings Start Late

The only time most Spanish folks keep time is when the event or gathering is official and there is a penalty for being late. If you are planning a party or want to hook up with a groupie, don’t be too eager to be there on time, and don’t be testy if they don’t turn up exactly at the agreed time. Get used to late starts and turn ups and you will be just fine.

The Public Transport Is Excellent

Well, do not turn up late for your train or you will have to catch a taxi. Unlike the people, the public transport in Spain sticks to the scheduled time. Public transport is cheap, fast and very convenient. If you are planning to travel long distances within the country, consider using the speed trains. It takes less than three hours to move from Malaga to Madrid and you can hit Valencia in less than two hours. Remember to show up on time for your trips.

There Are Other Official Languages in Spain

Spain has different official languages. Although every local speaks well Spanish, there are some regions with different languages and they are not exactly Spanish. In the Balearic Islands or Valencia, there are different dialects that are used as the official language in the region. You will find these dialects on almost everything, from signs to food menus, and they don’t look exactly like Spanish words you memorized.

In Catalonia, Catalan is the official language. The Galician, which is the official language of the northern part of Spain sounds like Portuguese. Don’t get confused when you meet a local that speaks differently from your little knowledge of Spanish.

There Are Plenty of Festivals

Spain is arguably the festival capital of the world. There are festivals celebrated in different parts of the country all around the year. You are likely to run into different festivals as you tour around the country. Get prepared to have some fun. Some of the best festivals you need to bookmark is the Feria de Abril in Seville and the Barcelona’s La Merce.

The Country Goes on a Quiet Holiday in August

If you have planned out your trip to Spain in August, you need to think twice because August is usually not the best time to visit Spain. Most people in Spain go on holiday during this time. They retire to their country homes leaving many businesses closed. This is a kind of quiet tradition that goes on every year. The tips above will help you enjoy your stay in Spain. Remember, to make sure you have a bucket list of where you want to visit.

Have fun!