Architecture is a beautiful art form, it takes on so many genres and aesthetics that it can speak to so many different people. There is something for everyone, do you like dark gothic architecture? Perhaps you prefer the most stylish yet historic castles and mansions, or do you love modern architecture as it is juxtaposed against the history found in European cities. Whichever you prefer there is something for everyone in San Sebastian. The city is rich with architectural history and design. From buildings dating back hundreds of years to the more modern buildings that have found their way into the landscape it is a truly beautiful city from all aspects and to all visitors. If you are looking for truly unique buildings to visit while in San Sebastian check out one or more of the following as we are sure that they will delight the design bug inside you and make your trip to San Sebastian absolutely worthwhile.

The Basque Culinary Center was completed in 2011, it is located on a hill in the Miramón Technology Park. The building was designed by VAUMM Studio, its beauty is in the fact that although a contemporary building it seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. If you approach from the north-east, you will see that there are terraces designed to look like plates stacked upon each other. It is often referred to as the salad bowls.  Another fantastic contemporary building is the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country, Musikene. It is housed in the district of Benta Berri. It was designed by the team of GAZ architects, it’s design and colour is a nod to the black grand piano. It cannot be missed when visiting the Basque Country.

If you want to enjoy more of the historical architecture, then the Basilica of Santa Maria is a great building to explore. It has a beautiful Baroque facade and a large sculpture of Saint Sebastian Martyr. The basilica was built between 1743 and 1774 on top of an older church built in the same place. The building is full of beautiful Basque architecture and history, you can easily spend hours gazing at the many intricate details.

Another must see historical building is the San Vicente Church. It is the oldest church in the city and stands in old town. It was first built in 16th century and you can see the clear gothic style of that century. It is home to one of the finest Romanesque altarpieces by Ambrosio de Bengoechea and Juan de Iriarte. It is a truly beautiful structure to see and again cannot be missed if you are in the old town of San Sebastian. San Sebastian is a gorgeous city and for so many different reasons, the great food, the fantastic beaches and as you have learned the historical, modern, and advanced architecture that is throughout the city. There is so much to do in the city but if you are able to check out these buildings, you will not be disappointed.