San Sebastian, a northern Spanish town is renowned for the large varieties of delicacies found there. It is the number one destination for travellers who love food. Thousands of tourists pour into the city just to have a taste of exquisite Spanish dishes. However, if you find yourself in San Sebastian, there is a lot more you can do other than chewing down tasty dishes (although it is advised to keep on eating while it lasts). There are various fun-filled activities you can indulge in and have a great time. We bring you four outdoor activities that are guaranteed to give you a good time in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian

Talking a Walk Along the La Concha Bay

You cannot visit San Sebastian without spending time at La Concha. If you love to mingle, wear a pair of comfy designer’s footwear and stroll down the bay from the city hall to the comb of the wind sculpture. You are guaranteed to have a great time mingling with the locals who are constantly walking along the bay from one end to another. You will be refreshed by the soothing fresh air from the sea and its great view. You also stand the chance of seeing the Comb of the Wind Complex which was designed and built by the architect Luis Pena Ganchegui and the legendary artist Eduardo Chillida.

Talking a Walk Along the La Concha Bay

Visit a Cider House and Get Tipsy

If you are tired of the food (which is impossible) you can explore the varieties of wine san Sebastian has to offer. San Sebastian is laced with unique cider houses that offer still ciders unlike the sparkling varieties mostly found in Europe. There are so many spots around the cider houses where you can dine on amazing foods (codfish tortillas, codfish with pepper, thin steak-bone meat and have cheese for dessert). The cider houses are open from January until the end of April, but you can still find some that open all year long. You can have fun walking across various cider houses and even drinking straight from the big wooden barrel.