The Spanish are widely known as easygoing and fun loving people who would love to sleep all day and party all night. Despite their affinity for fun, the northern Spaniards are nowhere near being called lazy people. For the records, they tend to work for more extended hours than other Europeans. Spanish people are known to always believe that there is more in life to enjoy than to just adhere to some orthodox rules. Famous people from Northern have made a significant impact in different industries of the world. They are known to have achieved in entertainment, art, and football among others. Here are some of the famous people from Northern Spain.


When we talk about the greats of the 20th century, we cannot go down a list without naming the name of one of the greatest artists in history Pablo Picasso. Picasso, regarded as an indomitable artist of the century. He was born a genius, and his beautiful art and skills took the world suddenly. While other children of his pairs where playing, Picasso was dedicated to drawing. He started painting at the tender period of 8, and by thirteen he’s more skilled than a lot of artists. His first two paintings are Science and charity and The First Communion. As time goes on, he went into ceramic designing, stage designing, and sculpting.  Credited with coming up with Cubism which is an essential step towards modern art. Picasso surpassed all expectations and reached a level enough to break with the dominance of content over form. His work Les Demoiselles d’Avignon gave birth to the 20th century.


Gaudi was a Catalan architect that became internationally recognized as one of the best experts in architecture and one of the best contributors of modernism. His exceptional groundbreaking genius allowed him to become an inventor of a personal and unique architectural language that’s incomparable. His relationship with Guell Gaudi received a lot of commissions that resulted in proposals for numerous projects. A lot of their proposal transformed into reality and some were never off the paper. During his time, masterpieces followed each other. The Bellesguard Tower, the restoration of Mallorca Cathedral, Park Guell, the church on Guell Estate and also the church of Sagrada Familia.


Gerard Pique is a Barcelona footballer and Spanish professional footballer who was part of the Spanish outfit that won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro 2012. He is currently playing as a center back for Spain and FC Barcelona, and he is one of the four players to have got the UEFA champions league alongside Marcel Desailly, Samuel Eto’o, and Paulo Sousa. He has been into football since his childhood, and he made it through the ranks of FC Barcelona academy to play for Manchester United before he was later signed bark to Spain by Barcelona. His return to FC Barcelona was a huge turning point in his career. His marriage to famous musician Shakira also made him more famous all over the world.