Northern Spain is home to the well-known Rioja grape species. Rain in Spain falls majorly in the north, and this allows them to produce the world’s most beautiful grapes. The high production of grapes as made Spain a great wine country. On a visit to northern Spain, you will be enticed by the lovely countrysides and small villages with mist-covered mountains. Northern Spain is inclined to Celtic tradition, and a local version of bagpipe provides soothing soundtracks for different festivities. There are lots of entertainment opportunities available in northern Spain, and you will enjoy every minute you spend in the part of the country. Cities in the north of Spain include Barcelona, Bilbao, Satanda, Oviedo, Bilbao among others. Here are some of the best entertainments you can find in northern Spain.


The massive stadium of one of the best football club in the world FC Barcelona is located in Northern Spain. Attending a game at Camp Nou meaning New Field in Catalan will obviously be an experience you will always remember. You will be entertained by the exciting and captivating style of play of FC Barcelona and the creativity of their players while you enjoy the thrilling encounter with their opponents. Football season runs from September to May. You can also appreciate the beauty of the stadium by getting an interactive Experience, during the season holiday that includes a tour of the stadium. You can get the tickets to watch FC Barcelona matches at Camp Nou, various locations throughout the season or online via their official website.


You can enjoy a great time in Northern Spain by visiting the Cinemas. One of the best cinemas in northern Spain is the Filmoteca de Catalunya also called Catalonia’s national theater. The movie theatre, housed in a modern building that is as high as 6000 square meters and is built around the part of El Royal. Films with a superior mix of quality and classics are shown and new releases around different cycles. Movies shown here are amazingly affordable, and you can get tickets before the show time of your film. In addition to the 555 seat capacity of the cinema, the Filmoteca offers several entertainment options that include a cafĂ©, a bookshop and dedicated space for art exhibitions.


Bands from all parts of the world create several scenes of frenzy in this part of Spain. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy the best of music and live performances you should visit northern Spain. You will get to enjoy bands play throughout the week at different times. During the weekends you get to enjoy live music of club sounds. Up to five different clubs all in one post-industrial space attract people of all dance ages and persuasions. The Razz club is the best place to enjoy both local and international acts. The Lolita Room is home to hip-hop and dubstep while upstairs, you will be able to enjoy and experiment with sounds.

Spain is filled with exciting and beautiful things to see and do, these are the best ways to keep entertained while traveling around the gorgeous Spain!