Enjoy Summers in San Sebastian
Enjoy Summers in San Sebastian

Except for a few countries in the world, every other country loves the perks of summertime. San Sebastian is a gorgeous place, and there is no way anyone wouldn’t fall in love with it once they have visited. The magnificent city has everything fun for the night Tourister and for the day tourist who wants to explore charm. The summer fun that the city offers on its beaches is untouchable. One of the most popular beaches here in the town is the Playa de la Concha. It is equal to any of the other city beaches you would encounter anywhere in Europe. The Playa de Gros is a beach that most surfers love as it offers that much desired sultry atmosphere that avid beach water sportspeople love. The idea of sitting down at one of these beaches and sipping your favourite drink while watching the sunset is a welcome idea for anyone who visits. The pintxo is a popular snack here in San Sebastian that equals to comfort food and is one that most beachgoers indulge in. 

Mountains and Sights

A grand statue of Christ sits atop Monte Urgull and has castle walls that surround it. The views from here are simply the best, and for a summer’s day, it is considered to be a perfect activity. If you go toward the west side of San Sebastian, you are greeted by Monte Igueldo. The towering mount takes up most of the western skyline, and the views from here are also breathtaking. You can view the Bahia de la Concha and the mountains around from this top of Monte Igueldo. If you wish to get to Monte Igueldo, then you’re in for an adventure. The travel to the top is best experienced through the oldfashioned funicular rails to the Amusement park.

More Beaches and Charm

Every beach you envisioned from the top of the mountains is just as beautiful as you can imagine from the hawk sights you have. Every single day in San Sebastian is a perfect day for the beach. The beauty of the beaches is how well they are naturally formed and how easily they are accessible. The other famous beach here is the Playa de Ondarreta. Fiestas are a common occurrence here during the summer months and the best parting gift for any travelling person is the gorgeous tan you are promised here. With thousands of people gracing the sands of the beaches, you can be sure that even if you are a speck on the sand, you’ll leave with gorgeous golden skin. An added perk is being able to swim safely in the waters here. About 700m from the beach is Isla de Santa Clara. Between the months of June to September, some boats will take you to the Isla every half hour. If you are looking for some secluded fun, then choose the Playa de la Concha. The place has a lesser tourist population and more locals where you can feel a part of the culture and vibe of San Sebastian.