The climate, geography, and history of Northern Spain are of consistent, unique cultural properties that may seem unconventional for many. The people of northern Spain have evolved over thousands of years. The cultural values of Northern Spain are often tied to specific regional differences in language, dance, music, food, dance, and sports. Each region has its dishes, a celebration that is rooted in the tribal culture are few examples. Most of the traditional ways of life of the Northern Spaniards can be enjoyed by getting out into the countryside. Here are some of the cities in northern Spain and their fascinating cultures.


The people of Barcelona are known to eat, drink late and party later. Some of their clubs are just open when most people are getting up for work. In Barcelona, you will find a bar that suits you regardless of your taste. The city is known to be the pioneer of style bars in the 80’s. There is always a bar on most corners in Barcelona and most time in the middle of blocks as well. The food is a paradise for foodies and most of the restaurants around Barcelona are Michelin starred due to the rich culture of the traditional Basque and Catalan. Some of their classic dishes include liquid ravioli, marinated olives, a leg of lamb that’s perfectly grilled and seasoned with herbs (often accompanied with a large slice of country bread mixed with drizzled olive oil and tomato), Potatoes baked in the chimney.


The Santander is the capital city of Spain’s Cantabria region; the town is always oozing with charm and elegance. At all points of day and night, the Alameda is alive with unending shopping opportunities and sellers adding to the buzz of the atmosphere. Palacio de Magdalena is a perfect place for an ideal family day out. The Santander is a gorgeous coastal location with beautiful bays to explore. The sea has been a vital part of the culture of the Cantabrians regarding their decadent local cuisine. If you want to take a walk a little further afield, Santander lies right on the doorstep of the Parque Natural de las Dunas de liencres, Picos de Europa and Caberceno Natural Park which are some of the most beautiful and most abundant in Europe.


San Sebastian, located in the Basque country area, the San Sebastian is on the beautiful Bay of La Concha an excellent shaped coastal landmark that is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. The city is home to three fantastic beaches of Ondarreta,  Zurriola, and La Concha. San Sebastian is the hub for summer fun seekers. The excellent climate keeps things warm from the spring to mid-autumn. However, it is not only fun during the summer. The city is a cosmopolitan area that is rich with values, culture, and traditions. A lot of essential festivals are held in it every year including the San Sebastian Film Festival, the San Tomas festival and many more.