Located in the north of Spain or in the Basque region, San Sebastian is a coastal city that lies on the Bay of Biscay. It is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain, despite being a smaller city. It has internationally known events, such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival, that have put it on the map. It is rich in history, culture and has a huge food scene, mostly for its fantastic fresh seafood and pintxos. With such great food, a clean well-kept city and great accommodations it is no surprise that people from all over Europe and the world flock here for a quick getaway. If you have been thinking about taking a trip to San Sebastian, then you have some to the right place, here you will find all the best places to explore in and around the city. Whether it’s a quick day trip or multiple days in the city here are some sites you can’t miss.

Parte Vieja

You will most likely find yourself in Parte Vieja, which translates to old part, and is of course the older section of the city. Here you will find small streets crammed with bars and restaurants and inside those restaurants you will find some of the best pintxos in all of Spain. As well as some beautiful buildings like the Basilica of St. Mary and St. Vincent’s Church, both of which are gorgeous and worth taking a look at between stops at the bars of course. It has the sea to one side and a river to the other which gave it a vantage point back in the day, now it makes for even better scenery when wondering the streets. The main square is called Plaza de la Constitution and is the heart of the old town. The main building there was the city hall until the 40’s and now is a building to admire. As are the colourful balconies that line the square. Here you can take a moment to stop and take in the sites and enjoy all that is el Parte Vieja.

La Concha Revival

La Concha beach is often referred to as the most beautiful city beach in all of Europe, with such a bold statement as that you truly must see it to believe it. It is located in the shell shaped Concha bay and has stunning views of both the water and the city. The beach is large as well, which means that even in high seasons there is ample space for you to sit back and relax. Whether you come for the winter months and simply want to walk along the water and enjoy the scenery or are there in the summer months and want to take a dip in the sea you will not be disappointed with La Concha beach.

San Sebastian is an exquisite city and is truly a gem of the Spanish nation. If you are able to explore this historic town, you will not regret it!